TMJ, Balance cases

After having trouble with my jaw and allergies for years with no significant improvement, Dr. Yoshizawa helped me understand my body as a whole.  he addressed the issues I was dealing with through a holistic approach and I have seen a lot of improvement in short piriod of time and visits.

Y.E 18 y/o

Neurological cases

 I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Yoshizawa.  After 7 months of going from doctor to doctor (12 to be exact) for an undiagnosed neurological condition.  Dr. Yoshizawa was the first (and only) doctor to help me.  After seeing him only a few weeks, my neurological condition greatly improved......something no other "traditional" doctor was able to accomplish for me.  Dr. Yoshizawa practices Functional Neurology (which incorporates a lot of chiropractic work).  His methods would probably be considered alternative by some, but they truly work.  He looks at each patient as a whole person, taking into account everything from family background to diet in order to help them.  Unlike traditional doctors who look only at the area that is ill, Dr. Yoshizawa looks at the entire person and understands that a holistic approach is the only best approach.  He truly listens to his patients and looks at them as people, not symptoms.  I continue to see him for maintenance and for overall optimal health.

J.D. 28 y/o

Childhood Development, Brain Balance Cases