How Dr. Yoshizawa's Treatment Procedures differ from those of traditional chiropractic?


"Brain Based Treatment"

Dr. Yoshizawa may not treat the area of your complaint or the area of spinal misalignment initially.  There is an explanation why Dr. Yoshizawa may treat the area away from your complaint.  The human body is made up of not only bones and muscles.  Bones make joints, and muscles and ligaments hold them in place.  Those muscles are controlled by the brain through a complicated nervous system whose energy is supplied by blood circulation.  The central integrative state of nervous system is altered if there is any gut dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.  In oriental medicine, energy flow goes from head to toe and vice versa.  In Western medicine, the local area where the patient's complaint is located is looked at and many times fails to address the core of the real problem.  Since every part of our body is all connected.  Dr. Yoshizawa evaluates all aspects (shown below) of the human body and treats the cause of dysfunction. 


Dr. Yoshizawa structures his treatment based on the findings of:

1. Brain Functions: Each half of the brain and nervous system

2. Emotional state: Emotional connection with the body

3. GUT functions: GI, Liver and Endocrines

4. Vascular: Blood circulation

5. Chemical balances: All the Nutrients and Hormones

6. Musculoskeletal balances: Spinal alignment and muscle balance

7. Meridians: Energy flow


If there is an imbalance somewhere, it can affect other parts of the body.  When a body is no longer able to compensate for imbalances, the body expresses it as joint pain, headaches, vertigo, numbness, stomach pain, high blood pressure and cholesterol, blood sugar problems, diabetes, depression and so on.


Therefore, Dr. Yoshizawa's treatment procedures greatly differ from those of traditional chiropractic due to his understanding that even a simple joint problem may not always be primary but may be secondary to any imbalance or altered function in any other part of the above aspects.  Dr. Yoshizawa evaluates all the aspects of each patient to analyze the core of the dysfunction, and treatment is always gentle and effective.


What kind of treatment does he do?

He uses a variety of tools to make change in many aspects of human body.

1. Manual and instrumental adjustments

2.Caloric stimulation, Eye light therapy, Auditory therapy, Visual and eye exercises

3. L.L.L.(Low Level Laser) therapy

4. Interactive metronome therapy

5. Visceral manipulation

6. Meridian Therapy

7. Cranial therapy

8. Applied Kinesiology

9. NET

10.Nutritional therapy

11.Brain, Vestibular rehabilitation