Brain Balance Treatment


Brain: There are two sides of the brain.  In order for the brain to function normally as a whole, their communication between the right side and the left side has to stay in rhythm and harmony all the time.  Timing and rhythm of this communication between them is very important for not only our children’s brain growth but also all of our functions as human beings including body movement, behavior, emotion, cognitive function, and appropriate socialization skills and academic achievement. Because of many factors, when children’s brain growth between the right and the left side is imbalanced, their normal brain growth as a whole is altered and many functional problems show up.  They may be as behavioral changes at home or school, emotional instability, abnormal social interaction, awkward movement, low academic achievement and so on.  This is called hemispheric imbalance or “Hemisphericity”.    Now many researches found that Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, OCD and many other childhood developmental disorders are actually related to brain hemisphericity. 


Our brain balance treatment is based on the functional neurology hemisphericity integration model and it is very effective and scientifically proven way to treat and prevent childhood developmental disorders by balancing the growth of both sides of the brain by stimulating the weak side of the brain.


What happens when growth between two hemispheres is imbalanced?

Our brain grows with constant stimulations from our joint mechanoreseptors, muscle spindles, auditory and inner ear system, olfactory, auditory, and tactile sensation.  Less frequency, duration, and intensity of those stimulation makes children’s brain growth slow and inadequate.  


Brain receives all the above mentioned sensory information and processes them and expresses as body movement, behavior, socialization, emotion, and academic achievement.

When imbalance between two sides of the brain ocures due to many reasons, our sensory information is misinterpreted and misprocessed in the brain and therefore, expression becomes different.  Lack of attention, abnormal behavior, hyperactivity, abnormal social communication skills, walk strangely, awkward postural change, etc are the result of imbalance between two hemispheres.


What's causing this?

It’s the combination of many factors such as Genetic, Mothers health at pregnancy, Birth trauma, Childhood injury, Seizures, Dietary imbalance, Allergy, Lack of physical movement, Too early or too much computer and video game usage, Toxicity of the environment, etc.  The more your child has this combination, the more chance of problems your child may have.


Is there a treatment?

We treat the brain balance based on the Functional Neurology Hemisphericity Model.


By stimulating the weak side of the brain, we can balance the function of the brain as a whole and all of the functions such as movement, cognition, emotion, behavior and social interaction improve and also academic achievement will change in a positive way.